Tundra's Kennel Report
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Tundra's Kennel Report

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by Lynne LaFever on 03/30/19

Hello Friends,

As this is our first entry let me tell you a little bit about this space.  Our "kennel manager" Tundra, our number one wheel dog, will be letting you in on what's happening here at A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours.  We hope you enjoy Tundra's take on what's going on and what you can look forward to as each season comes.  Tundra has been with me since 2011 and is quite the character in the kennel and on the gang line.  If you have been to our kennel you know he is the one that tells you all the rules about dog sledding and kennel etiquette...despite that you don't speak "dog".

Comments regarding these entries are especially welcome, as well as suggestions for tours you would like to see us create for you.  If Alaska is on your travel list, bucket list or in your dreams, we are delighted to help you find your Alaska!  We hope to create experiences that allow you to feel that a part of Alaska goes with you in your heart.

Enjoy Alaska from Tundra's point of view and remember to enjoy life's adventures!