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Arctic Circle Excursions
      Planned stops include:
  • Trans-Alaska Pipeline View
  • Hilltop Truck Stop
  • Dalton Hwy Sign
  • Snowball Mountain
  • Yukon River
  • Finger Mountain
  •  Arctic Circle
This tour is offered year round.​  It is a 12 hour excursion depending on how much time is spent taking pictures!  

Arctic Circle/Northern Lights Viewing Center
This excursions is an overnight trip that includes all the great stops of the Arctic Circle tour but on the way back we join Dorothy & Jeremy Towson at the Yukon River Crossing for a snowmachine ride to their dry cabin and Northern Lights Viewing center.  There we have dinner and wait for those lights to start dancing!  In the morning we might be lucky enough to help Jeremy with some of his chores like chopping wood or target practice.
At A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Your comments and requests will be answered within 24 hours or less.  Please contact us by completely any of the forms on this website, by email sleddogexcursions@gmail.com or by text 907-328-8982. Please note at this time we can accommodate a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 5 people.

Fairbanks City Tour
Planned stops include:
  • Morris Thompson Cultural Center
  • Yukon Quest Headquarters & Downtown Fairbanks
  • UAF Museum of the North
  • Ice Alaska (evenings in March) or the Ice Museum (during the summer)
  • Pioneer Park (summer season)
  • Other options:  Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, UAF Large Animal Research Center, UAF Botanical Gardens, Trans-Alaska Pipeline Viewing Area, North Pole Santa Claus House (gift shop) and reindeer viewing
  • *a dog sled experience in currently in development*

This excursion can be done within half a day but we want you to think about what you would really like to see and learn about Fairbanks so we will go over other possible activities allowing you to get the most out of the time you have in Fairbanks.
Ice fishing! Imagine an afternoon being on a frozen lake, in a tent, relaxing in a chair as you keep a watch out for a trout or salmon to get a whiff of your bait, always wondering if it will take the bait so we can all have some lunch, or will it just nudge it and swim away.  Whether you catch a fish or not, you'll have an experience to share, you'll learn how use an auger to make your own fishing hole, help put up the fishing tent and learn the patience of being a fisherman!

In the summer we will take you to a bank along the river or out on a boat on one of the various lakes around Fairbanks.  You will learn to bait your hook, how to cast your line, and as always, learn to patient as the fish decided whether to take the bait or not.  Being in the outdoors in Alaska is a treat for anyone no matter what activity you choose.  And always have a camera around you, you never know what kind of wild life you will be lucky to see.
Special Excursion for August and September 2017
We are in the process of making plans for an excursion up to the northern part of the state.  This is a tour for those who want to see part of Alaska not many others have a chance to visit and those who want to challenge their photographic abilities.  If you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.  Pricing may depend on number of people who are interested.  

​Planned activities:
  • Drive up Dalton Hwy/Haul Road to Deadhorse
  • Fly to Kavik River Camp
  • Photography at Kavik River Camp
  • Fly to Kakovik f​or polar bear photo opportunities
  • Return to Deadhorse for drive back to Fairbanks