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 ”Interested in visiting Alaska? We can help you make it an adventure you won't forget!”
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Lynne Anne LaFever, 
A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours
Alaska up close and personal 
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Cancellation Policy
Deposits are non-refundable. The balance is due at the beginning of your tour. If possible, cash is preferred at that time, but you can use a credit/debit card for part of your payment if the balance due is more than $400.

Severe weather and poor road conditions in this area of Alaska may occur. In general in light snow and other mild conditions, our tours will continue. We check road conditions prior to leaving, however, road conditions can change unexpectedly. If this does happen and we cannot safely move forward with our plans, you are welcome to choose a different activity for the rest of the period in which your tour would have occurred.  

In the rare event that we have to cancel a tour, you will have the opportunity to reschedule your excursion (subject to availability), choose one of our other excursions or receive credit for a future excursion.

If you are unable to go on your tour due to unforeseen circumstances on your end, which can happen, your deposit can be used to reschedule your tour within 6 months or the end of the calendar year from your original your date. This is somewhat negotiable depending on circumstances. However, since you will not be paying the remainder of your balance at the time your tour was to take place, please expect to pay the balance even if there are changes to the itinerary when we can reschedule. This is vitally important if your itinerary included transportation or you end up traveling in a different season. Your deposit is usable for rescheduling for 6 months or the end of the calendar year whichever is longer.