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Alaska up close and personal
 Lynne LaFever
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What makes A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours the best choice?
A+ Dog Sled Excursions & Tours came to life  when Lynne LaFever reached a point in life where she could do one of her favorite activities...SHARE her love for and the SPLENDOR of ALASKA. Customized & personalized is what makes this tour company different.  You are in charge of the tour.  We give you a basic itinerary and the fun begins!  No tour has been the same since we started up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle, now beyond to Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay and the huskies, we love our huskies.  We have ideas to help you find Alaska, but that's just the start of the journey...where will you find your Alaska?
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About the owner
Lynne LaFever has lived in Interior Alaska since 1997.  She came to Alaska to work as a counselor and SPED teacher in the village schools. Since her arrival she has lived and worked in 8 native villages. Her experiences in these villages gave her an appreciation for the natural and cultural diversity that can only be described as "Alaska". 

Lynne continues to learn more about Alaska's power to capture people's imaginations as she watches her clients' reactions to the first glimpses of the Northern Lights, the giddy feelings shown as they play in the snow on the way to the Arctic Circle or experience the enthusiasm of Alaskan huskies on a dog sled ride.